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CogNet AI


Introducing CogNet AI   , the new platform built to support Radiologists by expanding insights and awareness in medical imaging. An unbiased platform, trained on a diverse and worldwide dataset, to advance the performance of Radiologists and Imaging Centers for patients from all around the world.


Workflow Optimization

CogNet AI-MT utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze screening mammograms and flags exams that are suggestive of the presence of at least one suspicious finding. The output flagging suspicious studies allows for worklist prioritization and clinic determined workflow optimization.


Unbiased AI

CogNet AI-MT has been developed through collaboration with clinical leaders throughout the world and trained utilizing datasets collected from a diverse patient population in the United States and worldwide (UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa), supporting the patient and clinic variation that exists in real-world medical imaging.

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Future Work

If you want to learn more about all we are working on, reach out here.

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